About Me

I enjoy making music and building things. I currently work for Spotify as a Software Engineer on the web team. Prior to that, I graduated from Vanderbilt with degrees in computer science and mathematics. I have been playing guitar for over 13 years and enjoy producing and recording music. Check out my GitHub or my blog or continue scrolling for some of my favorite stuff.

Contact me at w@wellsjohnston.com or find me on LinkedIn.


I have developed web applications, mobile applications, and a variety of other software. I hope you enjoy looking through my work.


"Remembers" is an iPhone and Android app I designed and implemented in the Summer of 2013 using Intel's cross-platform app framework (in JavaScript). It is currently only available in the Apple app store, but it is coming to Android soon. It allows you to keep track of when and where you did things by checking in to activities you define. It's like the iOS "Reminders" app, but for the past and with location + map integration.

Essentially, you add activities that you want to keep track of, then each time you complete the activity, you check in. Then you can later view the time and location information for each activity, or view a map of all your check-ins.


literoom.js is a lightweight, customizable chatroom written entirely in Node.js and JavaScript. I made literoom.js to allow software developers to easily add a live chatroom into any web-based application with one line of code.

This is an example of a dark-themed chatroom embedded in my site:


SoundSort is a social music player/aggregator which features the best music recently uploaded to SoundCloud™, all of which you can rate, favorite, comment on, and download for free. I designed and developed SoundSort as a side project on my own during the Summer of 2012.

Here's a blog post I wrote about building SoundSort

Cab Finder App

This app was originally called Hailo, but some other company took the name (Hailo) and was literally doing the same thing, so I stopped development after I was about 85% done. Its purpose was to find taxi cabs in NYC, and I made it cross-platform for iOS and Android using PhoneGap. It is essentially two different apps in one: drivers can find passengers with a separate interface that passengers use to find rides.

Due to well-funded competition (the actual Hailo company, Uber, etc.) and their respective legal battles with the New York Taxi and Limousine commission, I never released it to the app store, but instead released the source code for anyone interested. The frontend is written in JavaScript using the PhoneGap framework, and the backend API is written in PHP using the Slim framework.


PlanJar is a large-scale, location-based, social networking web application. I started the company with two other engineering students as a social networking venture while attending Vanderbilt, and we were incorporated as Jarof, Inc. We are no longer running it. PlanJar allows users to organize plans and see graphical information for events near their current location, with a fully integrated friends, groups, notification and message system.

try PlanJar using:
username: wells.c.johnston@vanderbilt.edu
password: 'password'

iPhone Lockscreen Theme

I made this iPhone lockscreen app for jailbroken phones because I was bored with the standard lockscreen layout. I used HTML5's canvas element to render and manipulate randomly colored circles with JavaScript (clean, object-oriented design with proper memory management).
12:02:47 AM
Friday, April 5

you can view the source code

and download the app in the Cydia store for free
4000+ downloads!

Forum/Message Board App

The Campus Air is an anonymous messaging board that works similar to Reddit, with an upvoting and downvoting system. I designed and developed it with another engineering student for a CS project. It is currently made so that only vanderbilt.edu email addresses can join, but you can login to demo it with:

username: wells.c.johnston@vanderbilt.edu
password: 'password'

Sudoku Solver

I originally developed this sudoku solver as a solution to a computer science assignment in college. I was very intrigued with optimizing it, so I wrote this blog post about it and then made a JavaScript/HTML app to test it.

View the source code


I have been playing guitar for about 13 years. I love to make music, although it is a struggle to record it. I hope you enjoy my videos.

Videos (~2007-2009)

Concerts (~2007-2008)

Other Stuff

a painting I did in 2010

me solving a Rubik's cube in 34 seconds when I was 15